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You can get any drug you want at this company, they are the lowest paid,highest turnover call center in the area for a reason.If your a black man, there are lots of fat white women for you to choose from, as that's all the supervisors do ,is screw the help, but only if your a black man.

The women are nasty, fat, lazy, they don't clean and have had osha called on them more than once...if your a productive member of society, who doesn't do drugs then don't apply here, is like working in a high school of prostitutes in rehab. Do not expect to go farther than crystal davis will let you as she is the fattest of the prostitutes and is a very overgrown little whiney box who cannot seem to understand why she cant keep people...this place is a joke and I wouldn't trust any of them as I saw fraud take place and then watched company go out of its way to hide it from customer....I wouldn't trust these people with my worst enemy they are all project dwellers and crack heads who just work there so they can get their welfare and tenncare and still sell drugs .

and of course ms davis turns a blind eye to all of it.Now if your a piece of *** and a brown noser , ms davis is more than happy to have you, she likes to screw the help.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Sitel in Oak Ridge, Tennessee...DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT apply nor even consider working for this company.Most of the people ( I said most not all ) working there are grasping for straws working there.

It is almost a last ditch effort regarding employment. I simply took the job to meet my child support obligations. It is not about the employee, but the client and right now USAA Consumer Loans, USAA Auto Insurance, and USAA First Notice of Loss Response ( reporting a car accident ) is really big there and Sitel is putting all their eggs in one basket making it a third party call center for USAA. When their main client USAA comes from San Antonio big heirs are put on.

USAA comes in their all smug and stuck up attitudes like they are GOD. If USAA were smart they would pull the plug on Sitel in Oak Ridge. It is right that this place will hire anyone and while there I heard the rumor mill of whom was sleeping with whom to get ahead. A lot of favoritism is at play here within the ranks.

HR is no help at all. In fact one HR person just up and left one day saying she had to get out of there even though she was working out a notice to go somewhere else for a job. They will hire anyone if you walk in the door there or put in an application. USAA is what is important to this company and not you as an employee.

I know of people who were going to school and got fired eventually because of their school schedule. I know of people within the consumer loans...

You here jive talk ( ghetto talk ) when you are not on the phone which is very seldom. USAA members get put on hold or mute at times so the representative can vent to others with cuss words. You can wear shorts, flip flops, and t shirts to work every day if you like. Sitel boast of professionalism but there is none.

Some of the training classes can be fun but most of it is worthless because when you get out on the floor to take phone calls there is not a lot of help from "coaches " as they are hardly ever to be found. " Coach on duty " ( only one ) always states " Call the Help Line ". I have heard stories of how others have cheated on their drug tests to get a job there. In this place it is not your skills that get you ahead but whose butt you are kissing all day long.

The attitude of those who do get ahead is not humbleness but pure smugness. The building and codes of Anderson County should investigate the entrances and exits to USAA division because if you had a fire in the building there are very few exits. During the time I worked there I do not recall one fire drill in two years. Most places have one at least one time per year.

USAA is so concerned about protection of " private info " that they demand the blinds be closed, but some employees open them up just to get a little light in the big area where over 700 people are located. The 700 is growing little by little. Good news right? People are being hired.

No. More others are coming in the door that learn how to climb the ropes in Sitel by others who are talking outside of the company in the area. USAA division is known as the Palace area. USAA boasts in servicing the military.

Service men and women you chose to serve our country I did not ask you to do so. Do not expect me to kiss your *** and sing your praises because you found a way like politicians to make a career out of serving our country. I respect the fact that you chose to serve our country but if you did it for MONEY and a CAREER you did it for the wrong reasons. Sergeant, Chief, Captain, etc..

doesn't matter to me at all it is only a title and doesn't make you what you are. Especially if you are a *** queen twink recently married to your *** twink queen partner and you stab family right in the back because you think you own USAA. So with all of this said Salute to USAA and Sitel. I hope USAA buries you in the ground for good.

I hope you read this USAA because you are aligning yourself with a company that doesn't give a *** about your precious vision.It is all about the money and that is it.

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I would love for this company to be investigated for its practices.I work in the Oak Ridge location and it is as stated above.

All the management that is worth anything has left or been fired. There was a glimmer of hope when we got a new site director, Richard, but of course they fired him and now its back to a h*** hole again.

And do not believe the lies that they will work with you on your schedule or you can go to school and have a schedule that will work around that.All lies!!!!!


All of the above comments are true.


This was one of the nastiest places I ever worked at.The kitchen has garbage cans right where you heat your food and the flies and bugs are everywhere, flies, knats, mites, bedbugs..etc..The trainer told us that she was letting our class out early because she wanted one of the new guys to service her.

There were arguments she had with one of the trainees because she got jealous of him paying someone else attention. She helped the local drug dealers in our class cheat on tests. One even slept during class and she said not one word but he passed. I knew both of the boys as being dealers because I am from the area.

I called the health dept. on them and they cleaned up and vacuumed for the visit and things went right back to normal. I went home with bites and rashes and could not concentrate on my work but of course was still expected to do the job in these nasty surroundings and yes most of the supervisors are screwing all of the fresh black meat coming to work there. Everything above said about this company is true.

I could not take it after 4 months and quit.No job was worth this ***.


Your a *** for talking about this company obviously you still a child grow up

Knox, Indiana, United States #702275

Ok I agree. I worked there and it was nothing but a gathering place for ***.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #631019

sxylilhotti, Learn English. It's obvious they got rid of you for a reason and you're pissed that your *** stinks worse than everyone else. Go to WalMart, when you report to work, and buy some douche.


It is no different in Lake City Florida.90% of the people that work there are lazy fat *** lazy *** including the men.

Their corporate people are no better. I have never been around anyplace in my entire career that was as poor of an operation as this. They do not give a *** about anything and if you want to call into work once a week or more it is probably the place for you. Come in high, drunk or don't show at all.

It really doesn't matter because this behavior is permitted. Michelle Peiffer on the Direct TV side of the location of the kind of trash that they hire and continue to be coddled there. It works good for some by sleeping with whoever is necessary to continue employment.

She is just one example.Sitel is a complete joke of an employer.

to peiffer101 #795370



My husband is kind and does everything to please a customer. It is unjust to lump the bad employees with the good. Every business has it's good guys and bad guys.

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