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I have worked at sitel and can honestly say that everything stated IS TRUE!!!Drug sales...YES!!!

people using their child's urine to get the job...YES!!(Actually overheard that conversation, you better ask someone as test is really based on temp and was told IN DETAIL how to use child's urine to pass drug screen)Fraud..Yes!!! actually stood there and listened while they plotted and planned to hide fraud from customer. Prostitution??...I don't know about that and never heard anything about it but looking back it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I actually started looking for a new job about a month after hire with them, and was fired for having ACTIVE MISCARRIAGE and missing 3 days, which is fine with me as I would rather know sooner than later that I cant depend on them to be there for me and DO NOT want to work for a company that is not there for me at such a time. I did several different jobs , so it is possible..when your hired to do transfer and you end up doing that and billing , tech support, serv checks , call backs etc.

It is entirely possible to do 5 peoples jobs. There are a lot of obscenely obese people that work there and I find that offensive to look at myself, You might not care that your 300lbs....but people that take care of themselves find it offensive to look at and feel sorry that those people do not care enough about their self to take care of their self. (Not referring to those who actually have a medical reason for being obese) Several women there would brag about how they made money on the weekends selling the pain medication and anxiety medication that they get through tenncare. I chose NOT to socialize with anyone I worked with at sitel as I am a productive member of society who doesn't need government assistance to raise my kids(would not even know how to get it as I work and am a productive member of society)..but then again I don't have 7 kids by 4 different babies daddies that don't pay their child support so MY TAXES pay for their kids they shouldn't have had if they couldn't even take care of themselves.

There are good people and bad people at every company, its up to you to be an adult and act accordingly.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FRIENDS WITH THEM, you just have to work there...I feel truely sorry for all of you and will pray that the good lord will give you the guidance you so obviously lack .

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run like *** , I would never work for this company again they are full of B.S.if you looking for a stable job this is not the one , Katie patterson is just the *** at the bottom of my shoe and Imra Veg is there IT tech that like to crash systems.

all the wrong that they are doing to the employees KARMA going to give it right back.They have not paid me in a whole month SITEL SUCKS..........

Dunnellon, Florida, United States #715524

Wow, what a shallow and ignorant person you are.So you're a productive member of society who believes that everyone should look and act as you expect.

Sure; shallow, ignorant.

How can you expect anyone to take you seriously or believe anything you have to say when you spew such dribble.

I suppose I'll go find someplace else that gives a true view of the company and not just a ranting hypocritical view of it's other employees.

to Daphane #804288

In reading this website, I have to ask Daphne, how is it shallow or ignorant to not want to work with trash???I didn't see anything in that persons post about them wanting everyone to look and act as they expect.

I believe it bothers you due to the fact that you are more than likely one of the persons they are referring to. After reading the comments of ALL the people , good and bad...you cant blame that person for not wanting to work with people like that . Most people prefer to work with decent people that don't have drug problems and so on. But you know what they say..."birds of a feather , flock together".

So maybe you should either go to work at SITEL or stay at SITEL and not burden others with your stupidity , not even going to say your ignorant as your problem is not ignorance, it is downright stupidity.Truth hurts don't it hon


I came across this website when looking for the exact address for Sitel to fill out my resume. I am not suprised at the comments regarding the employees or the operations involving Sitel.

When I worked there, I definitely understood that it is all about "Who you know and who you ***". They train you that the most important factor is the Client's agenda, however, we all knew the real agenda in effect was Sitel's. It was the most dehabilitating job I had ever had, mentally and physically. The stress and the overeating caused me a 60 pound weight gain and a nervous breakdown. True, it wasn't Sitel's fault I had that affair with the vending machine's 3 pack chocolate Zingers . However, I may have been inclined to actually go to the gym and work out instead of curling up and crying in bed after every shift.

Oddly, the best work I ever did was when Chrysler was on their way out and Management pretty much left me alone to actually do my job instead of playing head games with me, threatening my job, or my raise. I helped many people and honestly felt good about myself for a change. Even my so called supervisor commented how my personal metrics improved twice fold!

It was this time period that they chose to examine my progress to determine if I would get my step raise. I couldn't understand why if I had done the best I had ever done and improved twice fold, why I wasn't going to get that measly twenty five cents. But sitting in the Mountain Room with 6...

I walked out and never looked back.

I would never recommend this place to anyone seeking an entry level customer service position in a call center environment.

I don't know about the drugs part that many have posted but I will say that sanitation wise, the place was nasty. I remember we were all told to make sure we washed our hands when using the restrooms etc etc. One day I witnessed a then pregnant operations manager come into the restroom, use the restroom and then walk right out without even so much as looking at the hand sinks!!

I repeatedly reported that someone had been sick on the floor and the evidence was still noticable in one of the stalls. The day I left, the stain was still there.

I want to believe that not all call centers are like this but, Sitel left me with such bad memories, I doubt I will ever apply in that field again.

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Warfield send me ur email address.The way that these people have spoke to you about your employment, on this site are diabolical and you definitely have a case thanks to these ppl.

Please get in touch.I have copied this page in case it is removed.


I havent worked there - but I defo want to now!!! Sounds like a right laugh!!!


LMFAO if your a man then your just mad cause the women there wouldnt waste time on you lol you work at sitel its not like you have money so why would they waste their time on you , dont be mad , get a better job and make more money and then the women there might pay attention to ya...but i doubt it and thats why you wanna throw up cause even at a strip club no woman would waste her time on ya , hahahaha get a real mans job , i doubt youve been there anyways you cant even afford the door fee and 2 drink min and they dont let you sit there and not spend money, sounds like someone got thrown out for being poor. maybe you should go to to a bar you can afford


Wow you much more ignorant than I thought.Seems some ugly gal was very jealous of some of the women over there.

You're so quick to think that everything in here is written by women.

HMMMM maybe very telling.the ugly woman wasn't a joke tho, just your looks made me want to throw up a little.


oh and by the way, the women who work at the bar are subcontractors and pay theyre own taxes.And the 30 pretty women 1 ugly woman is a joke (not surprizeing that your not intelligent enough to get it) dont be a hater, and yes i said *** in the course of a conversation talking about how nasty people at sitel are...amazeing that your mad about a word (you obviously have issues)and not mad about theft or drug use at the company ...i am guessing that your one of the people they send out to spy on the employees while they are on break...did ya report the drug use and sales that go on in parking lot and break area...betcha didnt....and I WILL SAY WHATEVER WORDS I WANT...i base my opinion on people based on that person , not the color of their skin..sounds to me as though your a racist and it bothers you to hear a word oh you poor baby with your fine sensablities..and yes i may waitress at a strip club, but whats really sad is the women that work there dont steal from each other or customers, which just goes to show ...they may be strippers, but your just a racist , fat , jealouse woman who if she walked into a strip club , they would pay you to leave.

Im sure your man spends lots of time and money there...like I said, dont be a hater..your just pissed cause your a oompa loompa troll that no man would even consider payin to see naked and your jealous that those women make in one night what you make in two weeks.Poor baby!


awww don't be jealous cause when you applied for the waitress job at the strip club they told you to lost 100 lbs , get a *** job and a face lift and they might hire you LMFAO..and yes my children would be proud to know that they're mother would rather work as a waitress than collect welfare , they sure the h e l l would...im sorry your such a oompa loompa troll looking little thing...ive said it befor and i will say it again JEALOUSY IS A SICKNESS...GET WELL SOON B I T C H

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