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They send you their equipment, (computer, phone, etc.) but when something goes wrong they DO NOT reimburse you for time lost or anything else that is their "fault". Their equipment is always faulty, something wrong everyday with either the programs or equipment. but its always the employees fault. Once again, do not waste your time and energy trying to apply for such a screwed up company who only looks out after themselves. Like someone else... Read more

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Old Sitel employee from Delaware here--- I worked there for a little over a year and I hated it! Don't get me wrong, I was one of the best agents there and my numbers were always top 5. However it didn't matter. They do NO pay raises, they add more and more responsibility onto you and you get bi**ched at all day by customers. I needed a job to support my children and I did what I had to do. But once I realized that there is no security in your... Read more

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Was offered 2 positions here. On each I was told that I could use my laptop. Was just told for the first time that I couldn't. My recruiter from HR Sussie was very rude and almost got cussed out. Will not be doing business with this company. Very unprofessional and don't know their policies. Would not recommend to anyone. My first recruiter acted like she didn't want to be there and told me I could use a laptop and when I called the customer... Read more

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One thing I learn about sitel this company sucks, I was fired from home cause I did the w@h thing, but when you need help you don't get any all they do is sit in a chat room, and tell you they not going to help you or take sup calls. Katie Patterson need to go play on traffic and get hit by a 18 wheeler, Imra Veg , just look through your chat all day and crash system, Sitel are rude to there employees, I can't wait until they shut down, Read more

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I started working for Sitel last month which was November as a customer service agent. I had two weeks of training which was a very fun filled room. Then after the two weeks, you go to another training before you start on your own. That last two weeks before going on my own was ***. The coach would yell at me, insult me, and make fun of me in front of the whole class. This is the worst company to work for! I was also taken on the side, and... Read more

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I was hired in for my customer service experience, with full knowledge that I had basic typing and office type computer skills as I have never done this type of work before. Upon entering the training class it was very clear that the "learning speicialist" had written me off. The comments made to me (as well as others in the class )about asking to clarify the subject were in a condesending manner and sometimes angry. I often felt passed by since... Read more

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Not really a great company to work for. Management has a phony demeanor about themselves, they say one thing and do another. For a company that is extolling its virtues about being great people connectors, it's not really the case. I can see why people quit the job, and nobody really gets promoted. Site metrics are a joke and don't allow much in the way of improvement. The training also is a little lacking in areas, and it explains why there are... Read more

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I worked in SITEL Nicaragua for over a year and a half, at the beginning it was all great, having a new job and meeting new people. The fun part was the training room, we always had a blast there. When I reached the floor for the very first time back in December 2010, It was the worst christmas I had in my life! Customers love to complaint about everything and anything. I worked for a cellphone company called Mobilicity, a cellphone... Read more

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i know for a fact that they have several coaches up there who currently and in the past use illegal drugs. the last time they did a drug test they gave us a warning and told us if we are using to stop and get clean that we will be test in two months. telling a person before they are tested defeats the purpose of a random test. i feel this is another way sitel is trying to control the situation and hide the true facts of the issues with the... Read more

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I am tired of watching my friends get bullied by coaches. Misty, Sydney, and Ernestine are the three bullies. They will work together to get a person fired. That is horrible, just horrible. These ladies have failed badly in their jobs. Sydney will ignore missed days or tardiness if you put gas in her car. She will set up the other teams for failure, she may even change scores in the reports so she come out better. I cant say for sure but she... Read more

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